D•Sens H2S 3G

H2S meter, with 3G data transmission. (Without sensor and antenna)
Compact measuring instrument, for measuring the concentration of hydrogen sulphide in piping systems, in wastewater systems etc.

Sulfur hydrogen (H2S) occurs as a result of biomass degradation. Long river distances create degradation in the piping systems, which can lead to heavy corrosion, and thus potential destruction of the structures over time. To avoid damaged pipe systems, it makes good sense to measure for sulfur hydrogen concentrations so that timely action can be taken.

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D•Sens H2S

Features of D • Sens H2S:

  • Easy plug-and-play
  • 0-200 ppm (max 1000 ppm)
  • Online secure data
  • Independent of provider
  • Reports – hour – day – week – year
  • No time lag
  • Very long battery life

Sensor module

Gas Nominal: 0-200ppm

max. load: up to 1000ppm Resolution: 0.25ppm

T90 Response time: <= 35s

Temperature: -20 … + 60 ° C

Humidity: 0 … 100% rH

Battery Charge Mode (State of Charge): 0 … 100%

BLE Signal quality: -50dBm … -110dBm

GSM Signal Quality: -50dBm … -110dBm

690g (incl. Sensor module)

  • Alternative Gas Sensor Types: NH3, CO, CL2, C2H4O, H2, HCN, HCL, NO, NO2, O3, SO2
  • FME-F antenna – Flat disk with magnet
  • Sensor module – Many researches. versions
  • 5 years of data / 3 MB per month
  • 1st month data / 3 MB

When ordering options – please call 66149323

about 1 week delivery time


D-Sens H2S (English)

Microtronics Brochure

Additional information


(6) u. ATEX (3G), (7) m. ATEX (3G)

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