D•Log S

Measure and Document your overflow

Countless applications:

• Level measurement • Flow measurement • Rain measurement • Ideal for analysis, by sampling, pH, dissolved oxygen etc.

Like the mobile version, this desktop data logger has a host of benefits, but one of them stands out for others; Its flexibility. The logger can be used in a wide range of applications with fixed current, and can be connected with a wide range of measuring equipment. pH, oxygen measurement etc. In short, the possibilities are endless as all measuring equipment with analogue or digital equipment can be connected.

The logger is equipped with an integrated SIM card (independent of the provider) that ensures data transfer, directly to Danova’s servers via a secure encrypted connection. From there it is possible to access these directly via the web interface, or with SRO / SCADA via API. In addition, it is possible to receive reports on an hourly, day, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. In addition, it is possible to send Text messages, for example at alarms.

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Features of D•Log S:

  • Online programming
  • Online secure data
  • Integrated SIM
  • Independent of provider
  • Reports – hour – day – week – year
  • Priority texts
  • No time lag
  • Automatic synchronization
  • Online update

Power supply:
80… 264VAC, 47… 440Hz

Power consumption:
Typically 0.3A / 230VAC

Integrated backup battery:
Li-Po battery with 520mAh

Material: PC
Weight: 720g
Protection level: IP65
Size: 191 x 116 x 102mm

Operating temperature:
-20 … + 60 ° C

15 … 90% rh

Storage temperature:
-30 … + 85 ° C

2-color LED to indicate operating status

Button to trigger Aloha transmission mode



1 x analog for overflow detection

  • overflow 4 … 20mA: resolution 6.3µA, max. 23.96mA, load 96Ω
    1 x digital for overflow detection

digital overflow: max. 32V, min. <1.44V, high> 3.36V, load 8k6
2 x Universal input (analog or digital)

  • digital overflow: max. 32V, low <1.44V, high> 3.36V, load 8k6
  • 0/4 … 20mA: Resolution 6.3µA, max. 23.96mA, load 96Ω
  • 0 … 2V: resolution 610µV, max. 2.5V, load 10k086
  • 0 … 10V: resolution 7.97mV, max. 32V, load 4k7
  • PWM: 1 … 99%, max. 100Hz, pulse length min. 1ms, load 8k6
  • Frequency: 1 … 1000Hz, 8k6
  • Digital: max. 32V, low <1.44V, high> 3.36V, load 8k6
  • Day counter: heart rate min. 1ms, load 8k6
  • Interval counter: heart rate min. 1ms, load 8k6

3 x 24V sensor supply (max. 100mA)

2 x adjustable 24V sensor supply (max. 20mA)


  • Ext heating time
  • Digital
  • Frequency: range 1 … 1000Hz, normalized consumption 50%
  • Pulse / min

1 x sensor supply:

Output voltage (can be selected via configuration parameter):

  • 15V at I out = 45mA
  • 23.3V at I out = 45mA


  • Ext heating time
  • Digital

System time:
Hardware Real-Time Clock with independent backup battery and automatic time synchronization with the server

Internal sensors:
Internal temperature

Measuring range: -20 … + 60 ° C

Solution: 0.1 ° C

Humidity in cabinet

Measuring range: 0 … 100% rH

Solution: 0.1% rH

USB Interface:
1 x Mini-B USB 2.0 for connecting to a PC. For Communication with the Stationary Overflow Monitoring System, the DeviceConfig configuration program must be installed on the PC.

Data storage:
Internal flash memory for up to 30,832 measurement cycles

Data type:
f32 (32Bit floating point)

Data transmission:
2G / 3G Penta-Band Modem:

2G GPRS 850MHz / 1900MHz

2G GPRS 900MHz / 1800MHz

UMTS B1, B2, B4, B5, B6, B8, B19

The Stationary Overflow Monitoring System is equipped with an integrated SIM chip.

  • Antennas
  • User setup on Danova’s server: 24/7 Data access
  • 5 years of data / 3 MB per month

When ordering options – please call 66149323

Order before 10 am: Day to day delivery

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