Measurement campaigns for accurate results

With mobile and stationary measurement campaigns, Danova offers a stable and highly flexible way of obtaining accurate results. The scope and type of equipment and the accompanying staff training are tailored to your wishes.


The flexible way to results

When a municipality, a utility company or other companies faces a challenge that involves measuring a flow and any types of irregularities, it is worthwhile to have an experienced partner on the team that will produce the results. With clear and reliable data, it is easier to make optimal decisions.

At Danova we can contribute with measurement campaigns such as the location of unwanted water. Throughout, a campaign will be organized based on the wishes of our customers and the nature of the specific assignment. It will usually involve either mobile or stationary measurement stations with access to the measurement points on the web – via GPRS – so that data can be monitored online around the clock, all year round. Alarms are sent via text message or email.

Setup and run-in  are handled by Danova

In a measurement campaign, our competent technicians are responsible for approval of the measurement site, setup, commissioning and testing and control of the measuring equipment. Wages, service cars, etc. will typically be included in the offer. This is not only because we must be able to guarantee that the conditions are optimal. This is also because, with our many years of experience, we ensure that time is spent efficiently.

Other services are entirely up to  your wishes

Our professionals provide technical know-how and assistance, and they can provide courses and training of personnel at the facilities. We can also move the meters as needed, as well as the complete measurement campaigns with either rented or purchased equipment. It is entirely up to you and what is most appropriate in the given task. The same goes for the duration of the campaign, which can be extended as desired.

The first step is usually a meeting where we hear more about the problem and then outline how it can be solved. So contact us and let’s talk further. We look forward to hearing from you.

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