Measuring principles

Danova has many years of experience in developing and testing new measurement principles in collaboration with our suppliers. We strive to use level gauges, flow meters and level guards that do not require maintenance. It requires choosing the best product for the job.

Rotary measuring principle

Rotary measurement principle shown in animation, explaining all Rotating types.
Rotonivo measuring principle, used as level guards for grain & amp; feed, cement, plastic pellets, etc.

Cross correlation vs. Doppler

The film below explains the difference between Nivu's patented cross-correlation and Doppler.
The cross-correlation principle opens up a whole new world for the analysis of flow data in pipes and ducts.

Vibrating measuring principle

Vibrating measurement principle for all vibrating level guards. Vibranivo is a level guard
for all solid materials such as powder, plastic pills etc.

“Time of Flight” level measurement

Level measurement principle, the waves journey through atm. air / gases depending on wavelength.

Transit time flow measurement 

Flow measuring principles