Level measurement in
liquids and solids

Since 1989, Danova has built up extensive experience in level measurement. Levels in liquids and solids can be measured with everything from mechanical to highly intelligent level gauges.

It can be a task in itself, to find the right type of level meter for a project, for which measuring principle should you choose? The economy usually also plays a role, which is why there are many issues to consider before buying or renting a level meter or a whole measurement program.

You can choose to let Danova run your entire measurement program so you don’t have to worry about it, for water tables, overflow registration, dry running registration and much more. The measurement programs are online, so you can be anywhere, anytime and retrieve your data. Danova can offeronline measuring programs for all level meters. It can be connected to e.g. flow meters, rain gauges, electricity meters, etc. on a measurement program. Measurement programs can be rented and purchased.

Whether it is assistance with existing products, advice on new tasks, verification, calibration, commissioning and much more, both our competent, in-house staff and our skilled technical team are available.


No cure no pay

You also have the option of choosing a no cure no pay solution. Danova looks at the assignment and comes up with one or more solutions. The measuring meter is then commissioned and invoiced. If the equipment does not solve the task, the product is returned and the customer is credited. Individual agreements are drawn up for no cure no pay solutions.

Training of operating personnel

Training of operating personnel, for example after installation of measurement meters, is typically held at the installation site itself, so that the operating personnel can be trained according to the “hands-on” principle. It is our long-standing experience that this is, without doubt, the best way to learn the function of the products.

Choose a service agreement

If you want a service agreement, Danova can either offer one of the existing service agreements, or tailor an agreement as you wish. Several customers choose an annual service agreement where Danova comes once a year and verifies the measuring meters. The meters are inspected and adjusted and you get a detailed report as proof of the inspection and the functionality of the product.

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