Flow Measurement – another of our core competencies

Danova has gathered vast experience with Flow Measurement, especially in regards to water and wastewater. Choose MID, Doppler, Transittime or the ultimate Cross Correlation principle. We have years of knowhow within all the technologies, ensuring high quality, regardless of which method are chosen.

There is currently a lot of focus on water. There are to much of it, often in the wrong places. This also applies for wastewater: What are the quantities and where can we dispose of it? For example during a cloud burst, where it’s mixed with large quantities of rain water. This is where Danova enters the equation. We offer short or longer running campaigns, for localisation of, for example unwanted water. There is also the possibility to buy or rent the equipment. The choice is yours.


Your assignment, our challenge

Factors such as pipe sizes, duct designs as well as creeks and streams can be a challenge in themselves when measuring flow. But at the place of measurement, among other things, such as turbulence, buildup, bends, pumps, very low flow and inaccessibility can also interfere with accurate flow measurement. At Danova, we consider it our challenge. We look at the measurement site and drawings, and perhaps suggest a relocation of the desired measurement site for ultimate accuracy. Everything can be done with the right location and equipment.

Service and support

Whether buying, renting or promoting a campaign, we offer customized solutions such as online monitoring. Then it’s possible to follow the situation on the measurement site yourself, as often as you like and wherever you are, just as you can get alerts via text message or e-mail. If you in need of assistance in the form of service agreements, technical support or commissioning, we can do that too.

Buy or rent

If you have any doubts about whether to buy or rent, you always have the opportunity to get Danova to run a campaign that can run from one week to several years. The flow meters can be supplied as stationary or mobile online solution, and we can add level and rain gauges as needed. You always have the opportunity to buy the equipment along the way.

Professional advise

Danova’s staff consists solely of dedicated professionals who’ll manage your tasks down to the smallest detail. We invite you to book a meeting and tell us about your wishes and needs – at the assignment site, if preferred. Together we will find the optimal solution.

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