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24/7 – Data access, are Danovas uniqe online data server, where it’s possible to visualize, gather and use your data, with ease and userfriendliness. Whenever and whereever. All within the highest IT security.

TEST 24/7 – Data access

Pick a demo

At Danova, we have several online test sites at our address. Among other things. a pumping station with level and rain measurement, GPRS rain gauge and various level meters. You can watch them online by choosing your demo below.

Try the demos, get reports and more, you can’t do anything wrong.


A world of new possibilities

There are no limitations on what products you can connect to the online system. Using DanovaLogEasy, NivuLogPCM or MUC, for example, you can connect, for example water meters, pressure transmitters, electricity meters, level meters and flow meters and much, much more on the system, easily and with a high level of user-friendliness.

You are guaranteed an uptime of more than 99%

The system is unique in that there are several servers working together. That is, if there is an update, you will never discover it, as one server updates while the other runs effortlessly. When the update is in place, the newly updated server takes over and the other server updates. You can thereby work carefree in the system, around the clock and log in via this site or via onlinedata.danova.dk (recommended).

No hassle,  just reliable data

All data is centrally timed (UTC) and synchronized automatically. This way you avoid time delays, concerns about summer / winter time, etc. Therefore, you can always count on the data you retrieve at any given time to be completely reliable.

An online system with lots of benefits

What is clearly the main advantage is that the system is not tied to a fixed provider. The loggers even find the best antenna signal, regardless of provider and whether it may be on the other side of the globe (at no extra cost). Danova’s online system – D2W (device to web), enables you to monitor your online meters in the field easily and with the possibility to  awaken the equipment.

The benefits are many, and here are some of them you can watch / adjust online, 24 hours a day, all year round:

  • Overview map with location and status

  • Battery status

  • Antenna conditions and signal strength

  • Reports / graphs
    day – week – month – year

  • Collect data (Including historical).

  • Logging and sending intervals

  • Status right now – “wake up”

  • Set up SMS and email alerts

  • … and much, much more

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DANOVA data server
DANOVA data server