DANOVA® presents: D•REX TLM – Really EXtreme Temperature Level Measurement

After 10 years of continous product development, DANOVA® presents D•REX TLM – A self cooling standpipe with glass radiant heat shield, special developed by DANOVA®, which enables level measurering in processes with temperatures up to 1600 C°

The standpipe has already proven its worth in several hundered clinker cooler applications, worldwide. New development and tests has now broadened the horizon, so that it can now also be used for Pyrolysis, powerplants, lava, furnace applications etc.

Example: D•REX TLM and LR460 installed on clinker cooler

Example: D•REX TLM and LR460 installed on clinker cooler

D•REX TLM can be used with the following tested radars, rated at 200 C°: Sitrans LR260, LR460, LR560, NivoRadar NR3100 and Micropilot FMR67, enabling these to function in temperatures far beyond the temperature rating of the radars – All without cooling of the standpipe, due to the self cooling ability.

D•REX TLM is sold seperately, or combined with one of the above mentioned radars, which can be delivered pre-programmed for easy plug & play.

D•REX TLM presentation

Short clip, with an example of a “heat-burst”

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