Corporate social responsibility

In connection with the overall strategy plan, Danova has selected focus areas that will form the basis of our CSR policy.
This is done to ensure our customers, suppliers and not least our employees a workplace, which in important matters, has thought about and taken a position on the follwing social conditions below.

Working conditions

Safety is a high priority for our employees.
We never compromise security, and always follow the applicable legislation in the industry.
Our engineers have all completed the course “Vejen som arbejdsplads” to meet the challenges that can arise when working in busy areas.
Likewise, all technicians are vaccinated according to current regulations in connection with working with wastewater.

Our service trucks are equipped with the safety equipment to be used eg. for work in wells / pipes. These include tripods, fall belts, gas detectors, safety clothing etc.

Danova never compromises on the safety of our employees (or the legislation), and there will always be three technicians present for work in wells, pipes and the like. Unless, it is agreed that the customer himself provides with a well guard.


At Danova, we feel a responsibility to contribute to the future of young people, by regularly having apprentices in the company. We feel committed to helping educate young people, in addition to adult apprentices, such as Automation Technicians. In addition, it is in our own interest to help shape the young people in the Danova spirit. After the apprenticeship, the firm’s values ​​and culture are embedded in them.
In addition, all our employees are continuously offered education.

Human rights

We have a clear policy in terms of ensuring that our partners respect human rights – We make sure that our business collaborators do not, of course, employ child laborers. In addition, we focus on purchases made for the office (coffee, etc.) are in compliance with the conventions.


When working in and around the environment on a daily basis, it is natural to have special focus on this. Water in particular is a high priority for us. That is why we are a partner in Aquaglobe – a group of companies in the Danish water technology industry, which have joined forces to develop and disseminate sustainable water technology solutions.

In addition, we have a strong focus on minimizing plastic waste, in addition to using solutions such as sustainable packing fill, recycled cardboard boxes etc.

We make sure to constantly look inward and see where we can reduce our environmental footprints. We are constantly focusing on new sustainable methods and products, as we believe that even small changes, in the long run, can make a difference.