Case: Measurement in sand traps

Used equipment:

The challenge:

Frederikshavn Forsyning approached us when they wanted a solution requesting a level monitor, able to measure in their sand trap, and sound an alarm when needed to be emptied.

So far, they had had suction vehicles running in a fixed cycle, to inspect and possibly empty the sand traps. They deemed it an unnecessary resource-demanding solution to the challenge.

The solution:

We suggested using the vibrating level guard; Vibranivo VN 2050, which detects density below 5 g / l. We chose this, as it measures the sand but does not reflect the water in the sand traps. Via data logger it sends, a message directly to the utility company when its time for emptying.

Since there was no fixed current in the area, we chose a mobile, battery-powered solution for the data logger; D-LOG M. Since it was only necessary to log once or twice a day, a further advantage to this solution was, that the battery only had to be changed once a year.

All in all, a resource-saving and practical solution to the challenge.