Case: Flow measurement in 315/425 wells

Used equipment:

The challenge:

There was a great demand for flow measurement in 315/425 wells, and Danova’s technicians had to think long and hard for a solution. It is not at all easy (or legal) to squeeze an 80 kg technician into such a small well and the girls in the office did not immediately want to assist. A lot of humor came out of that.

The solution:

As always, our skilled technicians took the challenge and a solution was found. Danova tested and adjusted the system over the course of a year, both at test sites in the field and at home at Danova’s test stand. As part of the quality assurance at Danova, a product never enters the market until it has been thoroughly tested.

The solution consisted of an online, mobile, battery-powered correlation flow meter PCM4 and NivuLogPCM data logger with associated mini-sensor with pressure, as well as an adjustable well bracket.

The bracket has the advantage that it can be adjusted by one person from the top of the well. The sensor is located on the bracket, which is “slid” into the pipe where the flow measurement is desired.

It is so flexible that it is no problem that the pipe itself, where the flow measurement is to be made, is at a 90 degree angle in the well. With a single push from the technician on the ground, the bracket is attached, without the use of screws or the like, and the sensor is ready to measure. If you want to move the sensor to another well, it is just as easy to disassemble again – just with a single press.

The first customer:

Frederikshavn Forsyning A / S, was the first to have the system installed in 4 strategic locations. Frederikshavn Forsyning A / S chose to have Danova install the flow meters and at the same time set up the data registration on – Danova’s online data system. Read more about the online system HERE