Case: Chemical tank monitoring

Used equipment:

The challenge:

Dankalk was looking for a way they could optimize their deliveries of chemicals, to their customers. Partly to ensure that the customers would avoid costly process stops, by running out of material, and partly to save resources through their own route planning and delivery volumes.

The solution:

As part of the agreement with the delivery to their customer Grøngas, Dankalk hired us to find a solution that enabled them to directly monitor the level of the customer’s tanks, at home from the office.

We set up the Level Meter FMR 10 and the Data Logger D-Log M, as the equipment had the advantage of being able to be installed outside the tank, and measure through the fiberglass top of the tank. This ensures a trouble-free installation that does not require modification of the tank, and possibly production stop during assembly.

This solution also made it possible to define alarm limits for low and critically low amounts of chemistry in the tanks, and thus Dankalk receives direct alerts when it is time for delivery.

A simple and affordable solution that is of great benefit; both for the supplier and their customers.