Case: Measurement of pH values ​​and oxygen level

Used equipment:

The challenge:

A customer contacted us when he wanted a pH measurement in a rainwater sewer, as too high pH values ​​can be harmful to the ecosystem in the river, in which the sewer flows in to. In addition, he wanted a general picture of the river’s health condition in the form of a measurement of the oxygen level.

The solution:

Since the measurement is temporary and the sewer is located in the middle of a road, it quickly became clear that the measuring equipment had to be mobile.

We chose to use our self-developed data logger D-Log M, due to its long battery life (when logging every 5 minutes – about a year of battery life), flexible programming options and stable logging frequency.

In addition, we used the Liquiline CM82 transmitter from Endress + Hauser. It has the advantage that a wide range of different sensors can be connected, such as pH, ORP, conductivity, oxygen and chlorine sensors.

It was the Digital pH Orbisint CPS11D sensor (also from E + H), we chose to use for the task. A sensor that turned out to live up to the task.

To measure the oxygen level in the sewer outlet, we used the sensor Oxymax COS22D (E + H).

The customer received some very accurate measurement data on the pH values ​​in the sewer and the oxygen level in the river, and thus got a good overview of its health condition.