Case: Bisserup overflow

Used equipment:

Thanks to Danova’s good collaboration with SK Forsyning A/S, we have been allowed to test our overflow package thoroughly at one of their overflows at Bisserup.
This has allowed us to fine-tune the script over an extended period of time, which has ensured that the equipment runs flawlessly and that relevant data is generated and available at the right times.

The overflow package consists of D-Log M (data logger), D-Eye (camera) and an FMR 10 radar. An overflow alarm is issued when overflow occurs. The camera sends images directly to the utility company (as well as alarm via Text and email), and provides a complete overview, including any clogged gratings. It ensures savings for unnecessary deployment of operating personnel and generally provides opportunity to keep an eye on the overflow structure.

The script on which overflow is calculated is developed according to the “Vejle” model. That is, a standardized description of what an overflow consists of; the duration of the overflow before it is called an overflow, how long it must take between overflows before it is calculated as a new one, etc.

SK Forsyning has been given the opportunity to get a comprehensive overview of the total number of overflows in Bisserup, the total number of cubic meters, the duration of the overflows, in addition to an automatically generated annual report.
We have been given the opportunity to have the equipment fully tested and calibrated – all in all, a win-win situation.