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Measuring in Sand traps

The challenge:

Frederikshavn Forsyning approached us as they wanted a solution with a level guard that can measure in their sand traps, and give an alarm when needed to be emptied. So far they had had Vacuum tankers running in a fixed cycle, to inspect and possibly empty the sand traps. They felt this was an unnecessary resource demanding solution to the challenge.

The solution:

We suggested using the vibrating level guard; Vibranivo VN 2050, which detects density below 5 g/l. We thought this was the best choise, as it measures the sand but does not affect the water in the sand traps. Datalogger sends direct messages to the customer when emptying is needed. Since there was no fixed power in the area, we chose a mobile, battery-powered solution with our data logger; D-LOG M, together with VN 2050. As it was only necessary to log once or twice a day, there was also the advantage of this solution, that the battery only needs to be changed once a year. All in all, a resource-saving and practical solution to the challenge.

D-Log M - Sand traps

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