Danova was contacted some time ago by EnviDan, which was to use a vast amount of measurement data, to calibrate a Mike Urban model for Holbæk renseanlæg owned by Fors A/S.


We set up and operated 33 flow meters, 17 level meters and 4 rainfall meters, over a period of 5 months. It was our task to provide installation, operation and dismantling of all the meters during the measurement period. From Danova’s data server; 24/7 Data access, it has been possible, for all parties, to monitor the measurements, online. After the measurement campaign, EnviDan has collected data from the server for use in their further work on the model. At the start of the campaign, a draft of places to be measured was made. Together with EnviDan we have been inspecting all measuring points, but it is well known that drawings and reality do not always match. However together we found all the measurement points, in some places, however, alternatives had to be found, as the well was not found, was not suitable for measurement or was just inappropriate for service during the measurement campaign.
The results of the measurement campaign can be read in the October 2017 issue of Spildevands Teknisk Forening  We used Flow meters of the type; correlation as it is the most accurate open channel flow meter on the market. It is a patented principle developed by Nivus. With this type of meter, not only can we measure accurately, we can also prove that measurement data is accurate. This provides great security for our customers as it is always possible to review data which at first glance makes no sense.

Read more about the measurement principle here: Measurement principles

The level meters used were the type of ultrasound, however, a place was measured with pressure transmitter, as ultrasound could not be mounted. The rain gauges were of the type with tilt bowl.