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Flow measurement in turbulence

The challenge:

A customer wanted to measure the amount of water from overflow pumping from a rainwater basin. A number of different flow meters had been tried without results due to severe turbulence from the pumps.

The solution:

Since the outlet pipe was Ø400, full-flow, there were two solutions to the challenge. Both solutions required an excavation for the outlet pipe, as well as the installation of a well at a suitable distance from the pumps to ensure that the water is calm.

One solution was to install an Ø400 magnetic inductive meter on the outlet. However, the solution was quickly rejected as it required the pipe to be dried, cut and fitted flanges prior to mounting – A fairly costly affair.

The second solution, which was implemented, concerns the fitting of an NFP with a pipe sensor, together with Ø400 drilling kits. The advantage of the drilling kit was that it could be mounted directly on the pipe, with or without pressure.

A solution that was far cheaper, faster (the mounting took an hour), more accurate and stable solution, which also had the advantage that the sensor could be easily removed when cleaning the pipe due to the excess cable.

Flow measurement in turbulence

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