Danovas business partners

For many years, several of our partners have been part of our daily lives, providing quality products. The result of the long-standing cooperation is also reflected in the products. Danova has been instrumental in developing several of the products. Our partners listen and respond.

UWT GmbH, which produces mechanical and capacitive level sensors, was the first partner Danova got – a collaboration dating back to 1989.

Nivus GmbH followed in 1991, providing high-tech flow measurement systems for water and wastewater, such as the patented cross correlation principle.

Siemens A/S, came aboard in the year 2000 when they purchased Milltronics, which had been Danova’s partner since 1992. Milltronics produced level gauges and scales for industries such as mining, food and cement, etc. With Siemens acquisition of Milltronics, Danova, in addition to technologies such as radar, ultrasound, capacitive and scales, now also included MID (magnetic inductive) flow meters, pressure and temperature meters, into the program. In mid-2014, Danova became Siemens Solution Partner.

Danova was now able to deliver products to the areas we were and are specialized in; measuring water and wastewater, grain and feed, food, cement and more.

However as the technology exploded within high-end computers, mobile phones and much more, we could predict that we had a gap in the product range – Danova lacked an online technology for the products.

Microtronics Engineering GmbH came to fill the space, which today makes Danova the leader in professional online battery-powered GPRS data logging that can be linked across the entire product range. The system is unique in that it does not depend on the provider and therefore finds signal in even the most remote areas. See link to GPRS data loggers.

Endress+Hauser is one of the world’s leading suppliers of process instrumentation for level, flow, pressure, temperature and analysis as well as components and systems for recording, visualization and automation.

The collaboration with Endress + Hauser also means that Danova can verify selected products.

We at Danova know, that there will always be rapid development within the product range Danova delivers. One thing is certain, Danova’s partners will always provide high quality products as well as unmatched service.



For many years, Danova has worked closely with UWT GmbH on solutions for, among other things, level measurement of solids.

It may sound like a cliché, but is nevertheless true: UWT GmbH began in the basement of the Schropp family, where the first sensors saw the light of day. Today, UWT has a prominent position in the world market, but its very simple approach to product development has been retained.

“UWT has gained a reputation for indestructible quality, especially in the level measurement of solids. Over the years, new solutions have been launched for, for example, touch-free level measurement, microprocessor-controlled measurement systems and much more. ”Says Jan Bidsted, Danova.

Connect and use the highest quality mechanical level guards in all types of solid materials such as powder, granules and feed without calibration. “UWT has a worldwide network of professional colleagues and UWT understands how to develop quality products with manuals and certificates that allow products to be delivered worldwide, states Jan Bidsted, Danova.

As a final note, Jan Bidsted adds: “It was therefore a natural development that, as early as 1989, Danova began working closely with UWT to represent and use their products, as level guards, fork detectors and level meters.”

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Nivus GmbH

The German manufacturer NIVUS GmbH has been providing innovative measuring products since 1967, always guaranteeing high quality and precision.


The story of the German manufacturer NIVUS GmbH is a tale of the constant pursuit of perfectionism. The company quickly made its way through pioneering work in ultrasonic measurement in liquids.

“In the early 1970s, Nivus GmbH presents ultrasonic products for a variety of industrial and municipal flow applications,” says Jan Bidsted, Danova.

“In 1991, Danova began a close collaboration with the foresighted people behind NIVUS, and we have since been closely involved in introducing a wide range of cutting-edge new products to the Danish market.”


Now, Danova can supply a wide range of products from NIVUS GmbH for level and flow measurement, and our engineers are at the forefront of how the products can be integrated into solutions with a high degree of precision, ease of use and reliability.

“Danova has a strong partner in Nivus who understands how to develop products with documentable functionality. Nivus’s meters have always been able to adapt to the major challenges of measuring flow in demanding drainage systems with high precision ”states Jan Bidsted, Danova.

As a final note, Jan Bidsted adds: “No measuring technology can fulfill all applications, but we strive to recommend the best meter and transmitter for the task. Quality matters!”

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Siemens A/S


Siemens is the world’s largest supplier of sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions, and over 40% of its revenue comes from Siemens green portfolio. Siemens employs approx. 370,000 employees in approx. 190 of the world’s countries, of which about ca. 7,800 in Denmark.


Denmark is one of the countries in the world that is rapidly adopting new technology and incorporating it into everyday life. Siemens’ goal is well in line with the Danes: to use technology and innovation to make everyday life greener and better.

Of the myriad of products and solutions available, Siemens process supplies instrumentation to Danova (including level, flow, pressure and temperature gauges). The dedicated Siemens team of talented staff is always ready to assist, whether you need fast delivery, special materials or anything else.

Danova, was asked to be Siemens Solution Partner Automation Drives, which of course we agreed to.

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Microtronics Engineering GmbH


Since 2006, Microtronics Engineering GmbH in Austria has enriched the international M2M market with development and technologies that have set new standards.

At the same time, as a customer, you get valuable tools that will enable you to increase your productivity, simplify your workflows and develop new business and earnings models.

CEO Hans-Peter Buber and CFO Stefan Pfeffer have both been involved from the start, laying the foundation for Microtronic’s current reputation: efficiency, security and stability.

Microtronic’s product range covers the technology of wireless GSM data transmission, which allows data to be exchanged between devices and machines – e.g. mobile data units for data collection and data control “on site”, as well as visual representation and data storage on a central server.

The special feature is that Microtronics offers all the components required to complete your M2M project. A unified system of hardware, software, communication and visualization.

Microtronics’s complete solutions means successful business models that are flexible and tailored to your specific needs, as well as the ever-changing demands of the market.

Microtronics is among other things supplier of Danova’s unique online system and data loggers.

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E + H is one of the leading suppliers of products, solutions and services for industrial process measurement and automation. They offer comprehensive process solutions for flow, level, pressure, analysis, temperature, recording and digital communication in a wide range of industries and optimize processes in terms of economic efficiency, security and environmental protection.

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