We deliver quality and experience

At Danova, we take pride in delivering quality – both when it comes to advising you as a customer, but also with optimal quality products, no matter what you choose.

Ever since Danova was founded in 1989, the word quality has been at the forefront.

The quality of counseling starts from the first inquiry. Here you will be advised by the person who knows most about the task you want to solve. This person will also typically be the one who follows the project from start to finish and who may assist with setting up / commissioning the equipment.

In the intervening period, Danova’s skilled in-house staff will provide offers, orders and follow-up on the delivery.

The quality of the final delivery is also first rate. You can choose from many types of delivery, whether you want to do the work yourself or to sit back and let Danova do the work for you.

Occasionally, it may also be advantageous to hire Danova to perform a given time-limited task. That way you won’t have to purchase equipment you don’t need and save time when you don’t have to set up, operate and maintain yourself.

The quality is there even after the assignment is resolved / delivered. Here you have the opportunity to get a service contract that is either an annual verification or tailored to your wishes. It may also be that you need technical assistance, and here are Danova’s skilled technicians ready to help you.

Quality also applies to all Danova employees. All are skilled professionals who take pride in assisting you in the most professional way possible.

All in all, quality through out the process!