Safety above all!

At Danova, the technicians faces various obsticles when they are on assignments around Denmark, and in the rest of the world. We never compromise safety, and at all times follow the applicable legislation in the industry. when working in busy areas. Moreover, it is also a help to those customers who do not have available staff, or time to help, in difficult to reach, busy places.

That is, Danova is completely independent of having to use external personnel to solve such tasks.

Danova has many years of experience in flow and level measurement. The engineering staff are highly specialized, experienced technicians who are accustomed to solving even the most challenging tasks both in the field and at the PC (data / D2W, drawings, etc.). The engineers have thorough knowledge of the products and are happy to advise customers in their search for the right equipment.

All service vehicles are equipped with the safety equipment to be used eg. for work in wells / pipes. These include tripods, fall belts, gas detectors, safety clothing and much more. In addition, there are also barriers to work in busy areas.

For industrial companies where the technicians have to work on e.g. silos, the customer must provide all safety equipment (however, we have safety belts, safety glasses / shoes and helmets), in accordance with the law.

Danova does not compromise on the safety of the technicians (or the legislation), and there will always be 3 technicians present in connection with work in wells, pipes and the like, unless it is agreed that the customer himself provides a well guard. Danova’s technicians are also vaccinated according to current regulations in connection with wastewater work.

Danova has technician departments in both Zealand and Jutland.

Excavation and forging work as well as electrical installations

Danova can perform excavation work on installation of measuring meters. The only thing the customer has to make sure is the approvals needed for us to be allowed to dig. Equipment, possibly cable pipe and much more, we supply and assemble ourselves. We also have the opportunity to offer extra services for tasks that require a different expertise than the one we supply ourselves. We have good partners to do for example. electrical work, or perhaps a very special solution in forging work.

Danova is Profibus certified